Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate Barry Holliday calls on Derby North MP to prove he’s a democrat

Polls are now showing that Derby North residents have switched from supporting Brexit to being in favour of remaining in the EU. Data gathered by Focaldata and published in The Observer shows that Derby North is now projected to support remaining in the EU with a majority of 52%, up from 2016 when 46% voted remain. Derby North is among the 112 parliamentary constituencies which voted to leave in the 2016 referendum which now have a majority of constituents supporting remaining in the EU.

Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate for Derby North, Barry Holliday said:

“The opinion of citizens on Brexit has turned across the country, here in Derby North there is now a majority of people wanting to stay in the European Union. The Conservatives are ruining our country pursuing their ideological vision of leaving the EU; making us poorer, less powerful & ruining the NHS was not on the ballot paper in 2016, all the time being propped up by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party.”

“Only the people of Britain, not politicians, should decide the fate of Brexit and it’s clear to me that public opinion demands an exit from Brexit option which the Liberal Democrats have advocated since the referendum. As former Brexit secretary David Davis says: a democracy which cannot change its mind ceases to be a democracy”

“Chris Williamson has repeatedly said that he opposes a people’s vote on the outcome of the Brexit talks with an option to exit from Brexit and yet he has spent the summer recess travelling the country with his so called ‘democracy roadshow’ which is nothing more than a travelling deselection threat to Labour MPs who dare to question Corbyn’s position on Brexit and instead choose to defend their constituents. When even Labour party members point out to Williamson that fewer than 5% of their members vote at meetings, how can they justify deselecting MPs elected by a majority of their constituents? It just shows that Williamson’s version of democracy is for the few, not the many.

“So, I’m calling on Chris Williamson and all the MPs of the 112 seats which have changed their mind on Brexit to back the Liberal Democrat policy of a People’s Vote on Brexit with an option to remain in the EU.”

“If he doesn’t, he’ll be making it clear to all 52% of Derby North who now wish to remain, that their only choice for a true democratic reflection of their views is to support and vote Liberal Democrat.”

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School meals in line for Conservative cuts

Changes to Universal Credit mean nearly 1 million poorer children will lose out on a free nutritious meal at lunch – costing parents £400 a year.

Free school meals were brought in as one of a series of new investments in our schools by the Liberal Democrats in the coalition. Now they are being cut by the Conservatives.

The policy has been a huge success, improving school outcomes for local children. In fact the policy has not just improved outcomes for the families and children that receive free dinners, but all across school classes. The free nutritional lunches have been linked with better concentration as well as better health. The policy also saves some of Britain’s poorer families over £400 each year.

Commenting Liberal Democrat schools spokesperson Layla Moran MP said, “Ensuring every child has a nutritious meal during the school day is incredibly important, helping to ensure they thrive at school and get the most from their lessons.”

Ex-teacher, Barry Holliday (Prospective Candidate: Derby North) added, “I have seen first hand the positive impact that free school meals on a child’s attainment and success at school. Risking this is to risk a child’s future, something I believe is priceless! The Tory government is putting £’s above children.”

These changes come in the wake of broken promises on free school breakfasts for every child. A promise that was popular and central to the Conservatives failed General Election gamble.

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Lib Dems declare victory on Upskirting

The Liberal Democrats have declared victory in their bid to make ‘upskirting’ a specific criminal offence.

‘Upskirting’ must be made a criminal offence as girls as young as 10 are photographed –  The Independent, 20th February 2018 

Thanks to pressure from Wera Hobhouse MP (Lib Dem, Bath) the Government has invoked an rare process to see this bill progressed through the House of Commons.

Following Tory MP Christopher Chope’s shocking move to block Wera Hobhouse’s Private Members Bill; Derby North spokesperson Barry Holliday said:

“I am disgusted with the actions of Mr. Chope, he is a disgrace to parliament and his Conservative party. Simply put, stopping a bill that specifically bans taking vile illicit photographs of women is irresponsible and fundamentally wrong. He should resign!

“I am very happy however that the Justice Minister has met with Lib Dem MP Wera Hobhouse and seen sense to support the law being changed, this is a huge victory for women across the country.

“It seems unfair that just one person was able to block a Bill that Lib Dems had spent so long building cross party support for, but reform for Private Members’ Bills is for another day.”

Barry with Lib Dem Leader, Sir Vince Cable MP

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Lib Dems plan £6bn boost for the NHS

The Liberal Democrats are calling for an extra £6 billion a year to protect the NHS, paid for by an extra penny on Income Tax.

The money raised will be guaranteed for the NHS and social care services. The party is also continuing its campaign for extra funding and genuine equality for those who suffer from mental health problems.

New Parliamentary Spokesperson for Derby North, Barry Holliday said:

“Our NHS is at breaking point and the Conservatives plan even more cuts. We need real investment to secure the long term future of the NHS. The Liberal Democrats are the only party being honest with people and saying we all need to contribute a little more, with the money going direct to the NHS.

“We all need the NHS at some point in our lives. The Lib Dems are the only party taking the tough decisions to give our doctors and nurses the funding they need to continue providing a world-class health service to be proud of.

“Let’s not forget that the NHS was established by Liberal party William Beveridge, building on the introduction of National Insurance by Liberal Prime Minister David Lloyd George. Social Security in Britain is a Liberal invention and I will fight to preserve it!”

Pictured: Barry at Royal Derby Hospital A&E Department
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Standing up for our schools

Liberal Democrats plan extra investment in education


The Liberal Democrats are leading the fight against Conservative cuts that will force schools in Derby North to cut over over £1,000,000 from budgets. Local Lib Dem Barry Holliday said:

“Our schools are in desperate need of more investment. Children are being taught in run-down buildings by overworked teachers.

“The Lib Dems are calling for an extra £27.7 million for schools in Derby to ensure pupils get the good quality of education they deserve. That money would mean an additional 152 teachers here in Derby.

“It’s time to end the Conservative attack on our schools and make sure teachers have the resources to do their vital job properly.”

Vince Cable, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

“Children only get one chance at their education. There is no greater investment than making sure every child gets the opportunity to fulfill their potential at school.

“That means more money for education, especially in those vital early years, so that no child is left behind.

“But the Conservatives are cutting school budgets despite promising more money during the General Election.

“The Liberal Democrats are the party of education and opportunity. We will fight to make sure no school and no pupil misses out.”

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