Barry Holliday comments: ‘serious allegations’ against Vote Leave campaign threaten ‘foundations of our democracy’

Today, Ed Davey MP has questioned if the recent allegations against the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign could threaten our very democracy.

Barry Holliday commented:

“If these allegations are true Parliament and the British public must be given the facts and the opportunity to Exit from Brexit. If true, the referendum result could be considered invalid.

Before we even get into the fact that a vision for Brexit wasn’t on the ballot paper, the very result could have been achieved through potential foul play.”

Barry continued:

“Ed Davey is right to call for the Home Affairs Select Committee to investigate this potential activity. An enquiry must be the highest priority!”


Ed Davey’s press release is below:


Ed Davey: ‘serious allegations’ against Vote Leave campaign threaten ‘foundations of our democracy’
Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey has written to Yvette Cooper, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, calling on her to investigate the alleged illegal activity of Vote Leave.
Davey urges Cooper to: “immediately launch an enquiry” into the “serious accusations” against the Vote Leave campaign, including “deliberate overspending, illegal coordination and a significant cover-up of their relationship with the smaller campaign group BeLeave”
Davey explains that allegations against Cambridge Analytica, and the legal opinions of Helen Mountfield QC and Clare Montgomery, only strengthen the case for an urgent investigation.
He addresses Cooper, explaining that “if true, these allegations call into question the very foundations of our democracy, and I have no doubt you will agree with me that full disclosure must be given to Parliament and the British public on this extremely serious matter.”
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