Barry Holliday Slams Labour Over Loss of Brexit Backbone

Liberal Democrats in Nottingham have slammed Labour for caving in to the Conservatives over rights for EU residents living in Britain after Brexit takes place. Liberal Democrats led the battle for EU citizens who have made Britain their home to continue to live here. With cross party backing, including Lib Dems and Labour, the House of Lords successfully amended the Brexit Bill. This is the law that will allow Theresa May to start negotiations to take the UK out of the EU.

Two successful amendments recognised the rights of EU citizen’s resident here and also gave Parliament a meaningful vote over the final Brexit proposals. On 13th March, the Conservative majority in the Commons rejected the amendments and shortly afterwards, Labour peers announced they would no longer fight for them. Lib Dem Spokesperson for Nottingham, Barry Holliday said:

“Labour have caved in to the Conservatives on EU citizens and ensuring Brexit decisions are taken by Parliament rather than simply by Conservative ministers such as Boris Johnson.

“While the Lib Dems are continuing to fight for the rights of Europeans living here as our neighbours, work colleagues and friends, Labour have shown they have no backbone for the battle ahead. They have let Theresa May and Boris Johnson walk all over them.

“The Lib Dems continue to fight for a soft Brexit, keeping Britain in the Single Market to protect jobs and battling for British influence. Labour on the other hand have thrown in the towel, leaving it to the Lib Dems to take on the Conservative Brexit Government.”

Labour have lost their backbone over Brexit!

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