Barry Holliday Warns About Lack of Trade Deal

Liberal Democrats in Nottingham are warning that crashing out of the EU without a trade agreement would be a disaster for the British economy. Speaking at a meeting of local residents, Barry Holliday, Lib Dem Spokesperson for Nottingham said:

“Conservative Brexit Prime Minister Theresa May has stated that ‘no deal would be better than a bad deal.’

“She is, in effect, saying that she is prepared to make Britain go it alone without a trade deal with Europe. This will be a disaster for jobs, incomes and prices. 90% of our exports will suffer tariffs, making them less competitive in the EU. Jobs will be lost as a result. Prices will also rise, not just because the pound has dropped since the Referendum, but because we will be under World Trade Organisation rules which will be tariffs will be added to many of our imports.

“The Conservative Brexit Government’s casual approach to trade negotiations and the future of the economy is shocking and they are potentially leading us to disaster, just to appease the Brexit extremists in their ranks.

“Liberal Democrats believe that the UK should remain in the Single Market. That would allow our exports to be sold in the EU without tariffs and allow us to continue trading tariff free with over 50 countries with which Europe has trade deals. Though Labour have now run away from the battle, Liberal Democrats will lead the campaign for Soft Brexit, rather than the Hard Brexit the Conservatives want to inflict on us.”

If you oppose the Tory Brexit government like I do, join the real opposition –

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