Facts Matter

The Liberal Democrats have always valued honesty and conveying a true account of us and our vision to the British people. Rebuilding trust is a crucial challenge for today’s politicians, and all politicians are responsible for ensuring that they do their utmost to deserve the trust of their voters.

A free and reliable press scrutinising and holding politicians to account is also essential for a healthy democracy. Fake news is a real problem, causing people to mistrust politicians and the media.

People don’t know what to believe, and end up both believing fake stories and mistrusting true ones. This is another challenge that we need to take seriously, and address.

The Liberal Democrats are proud of our commitment to presenting evidence based policy, and have a rigid process for the drafting, scrutiny, and approval of our party’s policies.

That is why I am proud to support CILIP’s campaign, and commit to supporting a facts-based political climate in Britain.

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