Fox Hunting

I have received many emails and letters from constituents regarding Tory plans to repeal the ban on Fox Hunting with dogs.

The Hunting Act came into force in 2005 and bans the hunting of wild mammals, including foxes, with dogs. In Coalition Government, Liberal Democrats resisted Conservative attempts to relax the ban.

Commenting on the revelation that Theresa May would move to bring back fox hunting, Baroness Kate Parminter, Liberal Democrat Agricultural Spokesperson said:

“Not content with setting Britain back decades with her plans for Brexit, Theresa May now wants to reopen the issue of hunting that has been settled for over a decade. The country has far bigger issues to deal with and we are opposed to another vote.

“Rather than worrying about fox hunting, Theresa May should be focused on the damage that Liam Fox’s and her Hard Brexit Cabinet would do to farmers, rural communities and animal welfare standards”.

Liberal Democrats have consistently fought to improve animal health and welfare standards and will continue to do so. As part of this, we will update farm animal welfare codes and promote the responsible stewardship of antibiotic drugs and will also introduce stronger penalties for animal cruelty offences, increasing the maximum sentencing from six months to five years, and bring in a ban on caged hens.

Fox hunting is a conscience vote and I personally believe that animal hunting with dogs is cruel and unjustifiable and would work to ensure the law is not relaxed in any way.

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