Lib Dems declare victory on Upskirting

The Liberal Democrats have declared victory in their bid to make ‘upskirting’ a specific criminal offence.

‘Upskirting’ must be made a criminal offence as girls as young as 10 are photographed –  The Independent, 20th February 2018 

Thanks to pressure from Wera Hobhouse MP (Lib Dem, Bath) the Government has invoked an rare process to see this bill progressed through the House of Commons.

Following Tory MP Christopher Chope’s shocking move to block Wera Hobhouse’s Private Members Bill; Derby North spokesperson Barry Holliday said:

“I am disgusted with the actions of Mr. Chope, he is a disgrace to parliament and his Conservative party. Simply put, stopping a bill that specifically bans taking vile illicit photographs of women is irresponsible and fundamentally wrong. He should resign!

“I am very happy however that the Justice Minister has met with Lib Dem MP Wera Hobhouse and seen sense to support the law being changed, this is a huge victory for women across the country.

“It seems unfair that just one person was able to block a Bill that Lib Dems had spent so long building cross party support for, but reform for Private Members’ Bills is for another day.”

Barry with Lib Dem Leader, Sir Vince Cable MP

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