Nottingham South’s Labour MP abandons constituents on Brexit says Lib Dem – Barry Holliday

Local Lib Dem Barry Holliday has reacted with shock that Remain supporting Labour MP Lilian Greenwood voted last week for the triggering of Article 50 before April 2017.

Barry, Nottingham Lib Dem Spokesperson said: “Labour are meant to be the official opposition yet they won’t even force the Government to give people a say on what sort of Brexit we get. There are so many potential paths to take. We had a say on leaving and we should have a say on the destination.

“It amazes me that an MP who supposedly supported remaining in the EU should suddenly abandon her constituents. Nottingham South voted to remain in the EU and we deserve better than having our MP ganging up with the Brexit Conservatives to accelerate our exit from Europe.”

Just hours after MPs decided on Article 50, Labour were pushed into fourth place in the Sleaford and North Hykeham by-election in Lincolnshire. The Lib Dems increased their vote share more than any other party just one week after their shock win in Richmond Park.

Mr. Holliday continued: “Across local and parliamentary elections, the Labour vote share is going down and the Liberal Democrat vote share is going up. The trend is clear. People are noticing that Labour seem to have given up being an opposition party and that’s shocking at such a crucial crossroads for our country.”

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