“Our council needs an opposition that actually does something’ – Barry Holliday

Nottingham Liberal Democrat, Barry Holliday, has called for “better opposition and better scrutiny” of the city council’s activities after it was revealed that Nottingham City Council has remained the most complained about authority in the county.

The Local Government Ombudsman’s report showed the council clocked up 105 complaints last year. Nottingham Lib Dem spokesperson, Barry Holliday said:

“This isn’t good enough. 52 out of 55 councillors are Labour and right now they are too busy fighting with themselves over who should lead their party nationally. Meantime the three Conservative councillors are so silent I’m concerned that they’ve been fitted with a TV-remote style mute button.

“We have an incredible city and fellow residents deserve better. Part of that relies on a governing party that isn’t navel gazing. The other part of that requires an opposition that actually scrutinises what the ruling body on the council does. At the moment, neither of those essential elements of local democracy are functioning properly and it’s clearly having an impact on local residents.”

The Liberal Democrats have seen a huge jump in members locally. Since the 2015 General Election, membership has risen by over 150% in the city and continues to rise.

“While the Conservatives fail in their elected duties to hold Labour to account, we will continue to help people on a local level and help them with the various issues they face” said Barry.

If you have an issue you’d like the Lib Dems to help with please use our online contact form – http://nottinghamlibdems.org.uk/en/views

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