Persecuted Christians

A number of people have contacted me regarding Christian’s being persecuted.

The Liberal Democrats believe that everyone should have the right to practice their religion without fear of torture, imprisonment or death. Our vision is to create a world that is open, tolerant and united and we will always speak for those who are oppressed and persecuted, no matter their background or faith. As a party of equality, we are clear that the persecution of anyone based on their beliefs is a violation of their human rights and an infringement of their freedom.

Our manifesto sets out several policies that demonstrate our commitment to democracy, liberal values, freedom of belief and minority rights. We will:

  • Appoint an ambassador-level champion for freedom of belief to drive British diplomatic efforts in this field, and campaign for the abolition of blasphemy, sedition, apostasy and criminal libel laws worldwide
  • Work with international partners to tackle violent extremism manifested by organisations like Daesh and Boko Haram
  • Work with our international partners to challenge some of the world’s most pressing issues including conflict and human rights

The UK is a leading global power and we must never turn a blind eye when religious minorities are being forced to denounce or hide their faith. We will challenge the efforts of extremist groups to end religious freedom and eliminate religious diversity. The Liberal Democrats will always speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and we stand with those of all faiths and none.

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1 Response to Persecuted Christians

  1. Janet Waters says:

    Dear Mr. Holliday,
    Many thanks for replying to my email to you regarding the persecuting of Christians. I note all that the Liberal Democrats are doing to end this crime and change the situation worldwide for the persecuted minorities. Thank you for sharing your views on this subject. It will help me in the voting process. Yours sincerely, Janet Waters

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