Suspended Labour Councillor has been paid £6k and attended one meeting must resign

Nottingham’s Liberal Democrats have hit out at a local councillor who has attended just one meeting in the last six months. Cllr Ilyas Aziz, who was suspended from the Labour Party in April for allegedly making anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook attended a meeting in September, the first time since his suspension.

Nottingham Lib Dem Spokesperson Barry Holliday said: “Turning up for one meeting and claiming over £6000 is a disgrace. The people of Radford and Park have been robbed of democratic representation and charged for the privilege. Cllr Aziz should resign and do it now. He should also examine his claims and his conscience.

“Labour have been inept in dealing with this. They’ve spent six months dithering about two Facebook posts. If they can’t make a decision about two Facebook posts in that time, how on earth are we supposed to have faith in their decision making abilities for our city? Nottingham deserves better.

“Radford and Park only has two thirds of the democratic representation it should have. It is supposed to have three local councillors but only has two. Where has Councillor Aziz been? We’ve not seen him at local surgeries, council meetings or even out and about in the ward. All we have had is radio silence. In fact, so far his only comment has been ‘no comment’.

“The Conservatives are providing ineffective opposition and we need Labour to be held to account. While they are riding roughshod over our democracy, the Conservatives seem willing to sit on their hands, keep silent and let it happen. We need effective opposition in Nottingham – at the moment our local democracy is being seriously disrespected.”

This story was covered by the Nottingham Post, their story is here –

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