Tories give discrimination helpline contract to inept G4S

Hate crimes up 42%, but Tories give discrimination helpline contract to inept G4S

A lifeline for people facing human rights issues and discrimination is set to be privatised. With hate crimes up by 42% since the EU referendum result, the Conservative government is privatising the EASS (Equality Advisory and Support Service).

After a tendering process, they are awarding the contract to G4S. The same company which has demonstrated shocking track record of human rights breaches, and for failing government contracts wasting millions in taxpayers’ money. Prime Minister May wishes to put them in charge of the national helpline responsible for providing support to people facing discrimination, something which is deeply concerning considering their history.

Nottingham Lib Dem spokesperson, Barry Holliday, said:

“This would be like putting BP in charge of enforcing environmental protections.

On top of that it appears that the government may have failed to follow all the necessary steps before awarding the contract to G4S. Online campaign group SumOfUs are currently trying to fundraise to bring a legal case to reverse the decision to award G4S the contract.

With G4S’s very public failings, surely the company has no business anywhere near a contract like this. They bungled the Olympics security contract, recently left a dialysis patient stranded at home after taking over the contract for patient transport in Kent, and in Lincolnshire; G4S control room staff were suspended for making bogus 999 calls to improve their perceived performance. Even more seriously, they stand accused of assaulting children in a UK young offenders’ unit, torturing prisoners in South Africa, and putting the life of an unborn child at risk while deporting a wheelchair-using pregnant woman.

Now the Conservatives want that same company to run a helpline to support those facing discrimination or human rights abuses. It beggars belief!

Theresa May must step in to prevent this contract being handed over, and proper due-diligence checks should be made before awarding such a sensitive contract over to a private company.”

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